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Description for Birdie Hop-Hop

Oops... The bridge is broken. A group of cute & kawaii birds needs to migrate to another island. Unfortunately they can flap their wings which means they can't fly. The good news, they're good at jumping. But still not far enough to jump to the next island. So it's your turn to guide them to move to other island using the cute clouds. Use them as a jumping platform for the birds to travel to the next island. Tap the screen to place a cloud, and make sure the position is precise enough so the bird can jump on that cloud perfectly. Don't let any birds drown to the sea, because the sharks are very hungry and will eat anything they found. Collect the points, and unlock new bird costumes. Six new cute bird costumes are available to buy. Upgrades also available, and will make it easier to gain even more scores. Simple game for children as well as mature players. With online leaderboard, so you can compete either with your family, friends, or with the people around the world. Show them who got the best highscores. Game Features: - Simple gameplay, just tap the screen. - Cute bird characters, from cockatoo, chicken, duck, toucan, flamingo, eagle, and more. - Leaderboard ready

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