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Description for Black knight

This is year 666, after our great emperor passed away. The demon gates started to appear again, although our emperor had succeded to put a stop to it in the past. What our emperor said was that the gates had many portals to unknown worlds, at the end you will meet the demon lord. What we do know is that the gates send monsters from the other world and are open for anyone to enter. It's told that the next emperor will be the one who comes back with the demonking's cold heart. Some want a stop to this madness, some flee, some believe it's our fault by living in false ways of life. Some believe it's our salvation to enter a better world. I am the black knight. Today I am going to take my turn.

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Black knight, action, arcade, beat em up, black-knight, en, knight, monster., Black knight

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2014-02-25, 9:30pm