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Champy tales: long way home is a fascinating and easy-to-learn arcade puzzle game. Help the hamsters find the right way to the salvatory hole. Plan the routes, move the platforms, avoid unnecessary movements and the brave hero will get to the house, avoiding the predators. You play as a hamster being hunted by predators. Help him escape from the pursuer and return home unharmed. Use logic and reaction to unlock new levels. You will have to find the right route, run to the goal, collect coins, escape into burrows. The first episode consisting of 30 levels is offered for free to estimate your skills. The remaining 60 levels and more adventures of Hamster are available as an additional in-app purchase. Features * 3 episodes and 90 exciting levels * Beautiful HD graphics * Interesting achievements * Smooth increasing complexity of the game Think fast, move smart! Please support us by reviewing and leaving your comments. Your feedback will help us improve the game!

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2013-06-13, 9:00pm