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Description for Crazy Motorbike 2

Being a great fan of Kick Buttowski, it is now time for you to try playing this new game, Crazy Kick Motorbike with Kick riding it. By using the arrow keys to control the motorbike you need to make sure that you are able to drive it safely bringing him on the finish line. But if you think you are playing an easy game, you are wrong. The game is an unlocking type game wherein you need to unlock the previous level before you can play the higher level. The road where you need to drive the motorbike is also not easy. It is an up and down hill type that you need to keep the balance and use the arrow keys wisely as to not stumble down and lose a life. You will collect all the pies that you will see in the way to add score. To finish the game and unlock all the ten levels of it.

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The use of the keyboard direction key ↑↓ the key /WS key to control the forward and backward, en, the direction key ←→ key /AD key control center., Crazy Motorbike 2

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2013-11-13, 9:30pm