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Description for Darktopia

Darktopia is a platform game about a woman trying to escape from an ancient ruin populated by undead creatures. You will play as Lorraine. Your expedition team was tasked to acquire the infamous Idol of Tavor from an ancient ruin deep in the Tavor jungle. It was an ordinary expedition until the ruin's denizens who guarded the Idol started to attack. You managed to survive the attack but got badly injured. You have to recover your strength and find a way to escape the cursed ruin. But beware, such task wont be easily accomplished! Explore the vast structure, collect items to gain new abilities, kill monsters, acquire the infamous Idol of Tavor, and find a way to escape.

Tags for Darktopia

action, artifact, castle, cave, en, escape, explore, ghost, item, metroid, pixel, platform, retro, ruin, sci-fi, undead, vania, zombie, Darktopia

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2013-06-18, 9:00pm