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Description for Density

Dodge ever changing waves of triangles to collect squares before your combo meter hits 0!testing your dexterity, patience, pattern recognition and focus. Collect red squares before your combo runs out to cash score in. If a triangle enters your proximity sparks will be emitted and your combo score will be increased. Tips: #0. your combo meter drains when not near triangles #1. To score well you need to collect the red square with a high combo meter #2. The more triangles close to you the higher your combo will grow #3.As the waves of triangles change, diffrent play styles will be needed to stay alive and score high #4.you only get destroyed if you pass through the middle of a triangle

Tags for Density

addictive, bar, calm, circle, combo, deep, dodge, en, hard, hardcore, patturns, quick, sparks, triangle, Density

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2013-10-03, 9:30pm