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Description for Dr. Vile in The Greater Good

*** 2ND PLACE in Ludum Dare 25's Jam competition! :D *** *** Made in just 72 hours! *** Dr. Vile, the most despised mad scientist in the world, has one mission in life: become #1. He'll do whatever it takes to win the respect and adoration of every person on Earth - even if he has to KILL EVERY PERSON ON EARTH. Take Dr. Vile and his AI companion, Lexe, on a quest to build the most powerful Death Ray mankind has ever seen. Will Dr. Vile use it for good or will the villain always be the villain?

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anti-hero, breaking, death ray, en, ludum dare, mad, meteor, pixel art, retro, scientist, top-down, villain, zelda, Dr. Vile in The Greater Good

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2013-01-17, 9:00pm