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Description for Fear Less!

A girl’s recurring nightmares of being chased by death. Clear your mind and fight back against the darkness! A collaboration between innomin and atpalicis ( http://atpalicis.com/ https://facebook.com/atpalicis ) Music: "[o<>o]" (http://soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy/o-o) by Tony McCoy (http://soundcloud.com/tony-mccoy)

Tags for Fear Less!

arcade, autorun, bear, chase, coin, cute, death, distance, dream, en, endless, escape, fear, fearless, fire, forest, fox, girl, infinite, jump, less, minigame, mushroom, music, nightmare, philosophical, pixel, quick, rainbow, recover, recurring, retro, run, runner, running, scary, scores, short, side scroller, skull, sword, time, timing, upgrades, wolf, woods, Fear Less!

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2013-05-02, 9:00pm