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Description for Five Dice

As a poker master, You must have won numerous games with magnificent hands. Can you do the same by using dice? In this game, your goal is to combine 5 dice into the best available pattern. 80 dice will be divided into 8 rows when the game starts. Click to select a die, then continue to select the horizontally or vertically adjacent pieces of the selected die. If you would like to select another die, you can click the chosen die again to clear your selection. Continue the process until 5 dice are selected and they will be destroyed. A score will be given based on the pattern of those pieces. When a column of dice is removed, the remaining piles will merge. The ascending rankings of the patterns are as follows: One Pair, Two Pairs, Three of a Kind, Full House, Straight, Four of a Kind, and Five of a Kind. Play now and see how many points can you get!

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