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Description for Flip It

The black and the white have always been confronting each other on the board. Can you bring the black pieces back to the light? Your task in this game is to flip all the black pieces to the white side. Before the game starts, you may set the vertical and horizontal dimensions of the chessboard, ranging from 2 to 10. Click the OK button after you have completed the settings, and you will be given a chessboard according to your selected dimensions. Each of the squares on the board will be occupied by a black piece. Click to flip a piece to its opposite side, but note that the adjacent pieces in horizontal and vertical directions will also be reversed. The number of moves you have made is recorded on the left, and each move you make will cost you 50 points. If you are not satisfied with the current progress, you may click the Restart button at the top left corner to play again. Try to play with a larger chessboard and see how many pieces you can handle!

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