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Description for Food Revolution

The fries are done and the burgers are hot..that can only mean one thing..it's time for the food revolution! Join Gizmo the hungry dinosaur on his epic food quest in this addicting fun game. Gizmo is a little different from your average dinosaur..he doesn't like to hunt his food but prefers a good old fashion meal. The path to a healthy meal is not an easy one because Gizmo will have to pass through many obstacles and enemies to reach his goal. He is determined to reach the top or starve trying! Don't forget a healthy diet features a lot of fruits so be sure that Gizmo collects the apples and the other healthy fruits, they will give him the extra boost he needs. If you are a dinosaur loving, food enthusiast and love adventure you will feel just right helping out Gizmo. With your help he will be enjoying his meal soon and the food revolution will come to an end.

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2013-06-04, 9:00pm