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Description for Jam2014 Cookie Clicker

A Cookie Clicker Addictive game! for Newgrounds StencylJam2014 Click Big Cookie to crumble to more little cookies! ! buy bakers, cookie tree`s,cookie factory'`s,hire girl scouts to sell cookies for you !sell your cookies in store`s or in Mall , sell cookies and earn money , generate income and cookies per second!, buy newgrounds medals! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Next Newgrounds Medal shop! now i`m doing graphics for them! will be posted tonight at most! Also i will add scoreboards! and some achievments! This game is made exclusive for StencylJam2014 , Hosted by www.Newgrounds.com! rate and comment! and do please get the medals that are in game at the moment all tested and working , for now just this ! later will be adding ingame graphycs! and other nice stuff! Inspiration from original cookie clicker from some dudde! i forgot the name! il credit him later! till then enjoy , and play the game as you want! :)

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2014-03-12, 9:30pm