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Seven doors is an interesting arcade and adventure game. If you are enough intelligent, this game is for you. Here you have to be as Lemony and you have to find a key of a secret door. Lots of enemies will make obstacles against you to reach to the key. As soon as you find the key the secret door will be opened and you have to enter into it and you will go to the next level. Every level is different and the difficulty level will be increased level by. You have to open such seven doors and you will be the winner. There are different types of enemies like lion, tigers, aliens, human skulls. Donât be scared. Just be confident, do brainstorming and you will be the winner. Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed in your PC to play this game. Key Features: -Innovative physics gameplay -Adorable characters -Outstanding graphics - Free to play

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Adventure, Door, Enemy, Fun, Lemony, Lion, Skull, Tiger, en, Seven Doors

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2013-09-30, 9:30pm