Play in FULLSCREEN (resets current game)
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Description for Supercharged Pursuit Engage in high speed chases with the entire police force on your tail! Customize your car and your starting modification to your vehicle then track down the hidden packages in the infinite city filled with buildings and roads, once you pick up the packages the police force will try to stop you using everything from cruisers to suv's to helicopters and military tanks! Use your wit and evade them for the longest time to amass cash for car upgrades and the highest score. Tags for Supercharged Pursuit Driving, car, chase, collect, collecting, crash, crashing, cruiser, customize, drive, en, exhaust, free roam, helicopter, infinite drive, packages, police, police chase, procedural, pursuit, race, racing, supercharged, tank, top down, tune, tuning, turbo, turbocharged, Supercharged Pursuit
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