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Description for UberBall

It's a not an ordinary ball. It is not even a super ball. It is UBER BALL! Control the mightiest Ball in the universe and blast your way through the legions of Evil! Use your uber powers to defeat your enemies and earn a place in the Hall of Glory! Uber Ball is a classic Arkanoid game with fresh, dynamic gameplay, cool retro pixelated graphics and 8-bit rock music by LukHash. Uber features: - many colorful worlds - lots of powerups which help you in your quest for glory! - Different levels each time you play - Epic Boss battles! - 8bit styled graphics and music - Achievements and Leaderboards - Amazing Physics Simulation

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arkanoid, ball, bit, blosics, breakout, en, lukhash, mega, ninja, physics, pixel, retro, slash, super, turbo, uber, UberBall

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2013-10-18, 9:30pm