Description for Void Dancer

Void Dancer is space themed, fast-paced arcade with puzzle elements and great deal of diversity. Player goal is to remove most part of the platform and progress to next stage. Different kinds of ball-enemies and flying saucers will try to intervene in this process. By gaining achievements player unlock challenges in which he can compete for rewards, to make him more powerful. ⢠Can be played using mouse only. ⢠8 types of enemies (7 types of ball-enemies and flying saucer) with different behaviour models. ⢠4 abilities to use. ⢠Achievements system (90 achievements total) ⢠15 unique challenges with various goals. ⢠Bonus unlockable content. 6 blasters to play, each with unique advantage. ⢠Context In-game help, and detailed GUI explanation. ⢠Thorough knowledge base. ⢠Highscores tracking. ⢠Stylish graphics. ⢠Vibrant soundtrack.

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Abilities, Achievements, Action, Arcade, Blaster, Challenges, Compact, Endless replayability, Help, Highscores, Knowledge base, Left-handed support, Mouse only, Puzzle, Space, Ufo, Unlockables, en, Void Dancer

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2013-11-09, 9:30pm