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Volleyball Island is addictive sport game for all ages and everybody finds there own favourite game mode. Players who like challenges can take part in beach volleyball tournament and they can try to beat the other PC players in three tournament rounds and become a Volleyball Island champions. Others who donât have so much free time to spent with tournament probably appreciate that there is match mode, where you can choose your own PC opponent from sixteen PC players for the one match or you can try two players game mode where you have possibility to play against your friend on one PC. In Volleyball Island every game mode have three difficulty levels so you can choose it by your own player skills. Also is there possibility change dress, gender and skin of your player. FEATURES: ⢠Real physics simulation ⢠Match mode ⢠Two Players mode ⢠Tournament mode ⢠3 types of difficulty (Low, Medium, Hard) ⢠12 achievements to overcome ⢠16 nice dresses to choose for your player

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2013-07-23, 9:00pm