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Description for Zombie Apocalift The end is nigh! Build a party of unexpected heroes and fight hordes of vicious zombies while trapped in an elevator! Counter the zombie apocalypse while testing your reflexes and resolve. Kill zombie minions, tough ghoulish bosses and earn coins to purchase power ups, upgrades and more powerful characters to boost your performance! Try out Holy Smite, the Adrenaline shot and other power ups to cut your way through with a twist! Getting tired of Mrs Jones and Sergeant O'Connor? Push a button to try a fresh, new combination of unlocked heroes. How many floors can you travel before succumbing to the undead? Can you resist the charges of relentless foes and save the entire party? FEATURES - Zombie boss fights! - Endless game - Power ups and consumable items to boost gameplay - Power up upgrades! Make every tool count - Dozens of achievements - Game statistics Tags for Zombie Apocalift Stage3D, addicting, app, best, blood, cool, en, endless, fight, fun, game, gore, gun, gut, kid, multiplayer, shooter, top, weapon, zombie, Zombie Apocalift
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